100% 5 STAR 


Very informative session with Sandra. she did give me points and more stuff to think about. I will definitely recommend her training sessions for anyone looking at promotion


I have just passed my sergeants with very high scores too. Sandra made this possible with her coaching style, guidance and attention to detail ensuring I understood the process, what's been asked and how to respond, giving the best chance of success. Her model definitely works and I recommend her to anyone keen on promotion. I will definitely be using her services again.


I just passed the DCIs I can only say that Sandra training elevated my scores and my performance . Nothing missed each element reviewed, explained really well and took the time to underline the why and what the tests are looking for and how they are important . Full of energy and drive has set me up for a long time. I get it now!!!! Totally recommended . Thank you


I can’t recommend Sandra enough. She is extremely personable and incredibly helpful. Sandra consistently offers top quality guidance and assistance when required. Her knowledge and experience is clearly apparent. The explanations she provides are accurate and clear which ensures learning is solidified.


Very informative and detailed insight into the process. Professional and helpful which hopefully will give me the tools to pass the promotion board. 

Thanks, Garry. 

Sandra thank you.

The advise and help you gave me was invaluable.

FEB 2022

I just passed my Inspectors promotion. Sandra has the knack to push you in a balanced way, so you perform at your highest. Being a qualified teacher, she naturally picked up on my learning style, coached and guided me without using a cookie-cutter system. Her real front line experience brings the scenarios to life like a 5D model. She demonstrates how to lead rather than just pass a process. Sandra instinctively knows how to work with you.


"Thank you for your invaluable help with preparing for the assessment and interview."

"Without your help it would have been impossible for me"

"I found every single part helpful"

 "learnt a great deal of interview technique, which helped me prepare for the interview. It is a great idea that you read your examples out in a group forum and get feedback. This prepares you for when you need to do the real interview and helps identify your weaknesses and strengths."

"I found that information is key going into the process, both for confidence and competence. A lack of information was a contributory factor in being unsuccessful the first time round. The workshops delivered in providing the necessary information through general informal discussion, practice and also handouts containing sound advice"

"These classes were great and helped me prepare for the promotion process. My performance was enhanced and without these classes, I feel I would have been at a disadvantage"

"I also received some sound advice on improving my board examples to make them more agile and adaptable in the interview."

"The trainer also had a very clear grip of the current ‘change’ ethos and an understanding of what the competencies were about and what areas they are testing."


"I think it would have been very easy to underestimate how much time and effort needed to be put into preparing for the process. The workshops ensured I was fully prepared for this. By attending the workshops, I was able to say my examples out loud to an audience, this meant saying them in front of two people was far less daunting!"

"Sandra was very enthusiastic and it was beneficial to hear about her experiences of the processes. Sandra had a lovely way of providing constructive criticism without making you feel silly or embarrassed."

 " I believe your classes are very beneficial. I do not feel like there were any negatives to this promotion training"

Sandra is a great teacher, who is always willing to help and very motivational.

"The workshops helped prepare me for the huge journey I was about to embark on" 

Excellent, brilliant help for preparation

It was all useful

 "It is a brilliant workshop and very grateful to Sandra"